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Open a Content Dollar Bank

Setting up a Content Dollar Bank (CDB) allows you to have oversight of your expenditures while CILC does the work.

Simply deposit your money into a restricted account and let CILC take care of the management and invoice payment.


For Organization’s CDB Administrator
CILC meets with the interested party in order to determine how to best customize the service.

For Teachers
CILC provides FREE Awareness Sessions to the organization’s member school(s).

Invoice Management

CILC serves as the billing agent for content purchased by the organization’s member school(s). Content providers invoice CILC directly.

Access to all Content on CILC Website

Funds may be used for all programming on www.cilc.org from content and professional development providers as well as CILC Spotlights and special events.

Monthly Account Balance

CILC supplies the account balance monthly.



Support Materials

A customized tutorial will be provided for all participating educators.

Preferred Vendor Policy Documentation

CILC will complete preferred vendor documentation which might be required.

Access to Online Administrative Tools

The organization’s CDB administrator has oversightof all funds. An online tool provides easy access to view the status, detailed information, and cancellation of all program requests.

Online Organization Profile

CILC creates a profile on www.cilc.org for CDB account management and member school access. This provides the ability for educators to request professional development and student programming

Letter(s) of Support

CILC will provide letters of support or a written CDB proposal for inclusion in grant application(s).



For detailed benefits view:Brochure (PDF)


A minimum deposit of $5,000 is required. CILC will work with the interested party to customize details of service. For all services outlined, the CILC service fee is 20% of the total dollars banked.  


Contact Jan Zanetis, CILC Managing Director, 502-409-9777.   


History Live

Program: "Inventions That Changed the Nation"

Reaction from CILC Member

“This conference reinforced material taught in class, in a fun way. It also gave the students a new perspective about inventions and how they come about. They were extremely interested in that portion of the program."

5th Grade Teacher

History Live

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