PEC:  Pinnacle Education Collaborative

In June of 2015, several CILC Content Providers banded together to form the Pinnacle Education Collaborative (PEC). Pinnacle Education Colloborate logoOne of our top priorities is to offer "Festivals" throughout the year that will provide unique learning experiences for students based on over-arching themes.

During Festivals the PEC Content Provider group will be offering their interpretation of the festival theme in the form of dozens of standards-based, interactive programs for K-12 and Lifelong Learners. You will see amazing prices on these progras from the PEC Content Providers!

"What Floats Your Boat" was the first festival of the 2015-2016 School year. During the week of October 5-9, 2015, the PEC Content Providers reached over 1,000 participants.

The next PEC Festival is November 6 - 10, 2017.  To find programs that are part of the Discover Digital Learning Festival go to the Interactive Content and search the Content Provider database for programs with #DiscoverDL and you will find a list of programs from Content Providers that are participating in the festival.

10 Quick Facts about who PEC is:

  1. Any Content Provider that is on CILC

  2. Meet on the 2nd Wednesday of Each Month @ 4-5pm EST.

  3. Create Festival Themes, Dates, and Prices based on PEC group consensus available to educators to promote IVC in the classroom. 

  4. Decide topics for Content Provider Professional Development i.e. IVC best practices, teaching to an adult audience, etc. 

  5. Group gives advice/feedback about experiences in booking, invoicing, pricing, marketing and much more to each other as a group members but also to CILC to help create a better process for them as CILC Content Providers

  6. A small focus group/think tank for CILC initiatives. For example changes to the CILC evaluation, website, etc.

  7. Group helps market each other’s programs through Festivals and other PEC group initiatives.

  8. Professional Learning Network (PLN) for Content Providers.  Online communication via SLACK

  9. Origination source for group proposals for grant opportunities. Example, IMLS Museums of America Grant.

  10. Group participation at conferences as presenters and/or exhibitors.  Example, ISTE Conference.




 Contact Tami Moehring, CILC Content Provider Liaison, 507-215-3705.


Bass Performance Hall 

Program: "Macbeth in abbreviated form"

Reaction from CILC Member

“The conversations in the classroom after the performance. It was an amazing opportunity for an in school field trip. This performance allowed students to see a play which is not always being performed.”


Bass Performance Hall

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