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Welcome to your NEW Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration!

Glenn Morris
Re-established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) Minnesota non-profit organization, CILC is a program of the South Central Service Cooperative, an Education Service Agency with its headquarters in southern Minnesota.

Our message is clear:

  • The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) is passionate in carrying out its mission, “to support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.”
  • We are proud of our Content Providers, close to 200 of the very best cultural organizations throughout the nation and the world, and we are dedicated to facilitating their outreach, helping to bring learners to their unique opportunities and resources.
  • And we are excited by our members who have opened their doors to the world, expanding opportunities for students to learn through engagement with over 1,800 teacher-evaluated, standards-based K-12 programs, and through collaborative learning projects using our Collaboration Center with their peers throughout the world.
CILC has reached out this past year, and in response to our members and providers, has shaped services to provide you a dedicated community, with access to one-of-a-kind professional development, and a new Professional Learning Network sponsored by CISCO.

Rock-star staff are here to help. Jan Zanetis, serving as Managing Director, is an award-winning industry leader with over 20-years of experience. She has written extensively about the application of video technologies in education. Tami Moehring provides training, support, and mentorship, serving as our Content Provider Liaison. Tami has nearly a decade of experience in museum education, having worked at the Minnesota Historical Society with their creative team to launch their award-winning program “History Live!.” Jan and Tami, together with our creative and support staff, represent our community helping to shape CILC to be your program of choice, expanding opportunities for all learners, early childhood through honorable citizens.

“Expanding boundaries, igniting inspiration…the world at your fingertips!”

Glenn Morris, Executive Director



Jan ZanetisJan Zanetis

Managing Director

As an educator and university administrator, Jan Zanetis spent 20 years in K-12 and Higher Education. In 2005, she moved into the corporate sector as an education specialist, first for TANDBERG and then Cisco Systems. In 2013, she began her current role as the Managing Director at CILC.

Jan’s area of expertise is the application of video technologies in education.  She has written extensively on this topic for education journals and has co-authored two books. Jan is an active member of several professional organizations including the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), the United States Distance Learning Association and the Consortium for School Networking. She often presents at educational conferences, regionally, nationally and internationally.  Jan is currently serving on the ISTE Board of Directors and is the Board Secretary. In June of 2015, Jan was awarded the coveted “Making IT Happen” award from ISTE.

Rhonda JensenRhonda Jensen

CILC Support Staff and Help Desk 

Rhonda Jensen is currently Support Staff and takes Helpdesk calls and e-mails for CILC. She is also a Support Professional at South Central Service Cooperative, where she works closely with the Region 9 Low Incidence Project. Before coming to CILC Rhonda has worked for the American Red Cross, Label Works, and during college she worked with adults with chronic mental health issues as well as individuals with physical disabilities. Rhonda holds a B.S. in Anothropology with a double minor in Biology and Sociology. When not working Rhonda spends time with her husband Dave and dog Michi! 


Tami MoehringTami Moehring

Content Provider Liaison

Tami Moehring is currently the Content Provider Liaison at the CILC where she provides support, training and mentoring to the almost 200 Content Providers on CILC.  Before coming to CILC she spent nine years in Museum Education working at the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS). Tami was part of the creative team that launched MHS's Interactive Video Conferencing Educational Program History Live!. As part of the History Live! creative team she helped develop, implement, present and evaluate the program and lessons that became an award winning and top standard for Interactive Video Conferencing. Tami has presented at various technology and educational conferences across the state of Minnesota and the United States, including ISTE, where she educated teachers about the benefits of Interactive Video Conferencing in their classroom curriculum.  She also was a PreK teacher and holds a B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science from Southwest Minnesota State University.


Sam MikkalsonSam Mikkalson

CILC Website Developer

Sam is currently the web developer of the new CILC web site.  Sam has been working as a software developer since 1998.  He is the President of Norsoft. 


Kelsey RoseKelsey Rose

Content Dollar Bank Manager 507-389-6999

Kelsey Rose is currently the Content Dollar Bank Manager at the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC), where she provides support to all Content Dollar Bank Sites and invoicing from Content Providers. She is also a Support Professional at South Central Service Cooperative, where she works closely with several of the Projects. Kelsey holds an AAS in Administrative Assistant from Ridgewater College.


Roberta JensenRoberta Jensen

CILC Website Designer

Roberta is currently the web designer of the CILC web site.  Since 1997, she has been providing graphic design services through her business, rj graphic design. She holds a BS in English and Mass Communications.  When you can't find her staring at a computer screen, you'll find Roberta in her happy place, Glacier National Park.


CILC’s Community of Support also includes:

Evan Taylor, Videography
Joyce Swenson, Marketing and Communications
Elyse Anderson, Marketing and Communications
David Paschke, Instructional Technology
Jason Borglum, Instructional Technology
Gerard Breiter, Information Management Services